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Brother Estephan - Glimpse at Brother Estephan Nehmeh’s life

Glimpse at Brother Estephan Nehme’s life :
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08-03-1889 : he was born in Lehfed
15-03-1889 : he was baptized at Our Lady Church in Lehfed
1905          : He integrated into the Lebanese Maronite
23-08-1907 : He pronounced his simple vows and wore
                   novices cassock

He has been in the following monasteries:

1908-1910   : Our Lady of Mayfouk Monastery
1910-1913   : Saint Antonios Monastery in Houb
1913-1922   :Our Lady of Mayfouk Monastery (for the
                   second time)
1922-1924   :Saint Antonios Monastery in Houb (for the 
                   second time)
13-04-1924  :Saint Antonios Monastery in Houb where
                   Father Youssef Mattar from Lehfed blessed his
                   solemn vows
1924-1928   : Saint Challita Monastery in Kettara
1928-1938   : Notre Dame des Secours Monastery in Jbeil
30-08-1938  : After spending six months in Sts Cyprian and
                   Justine Monastery in Kfifane, he passed away
                    in the said convent.
10-03-1951  : His body was revealed non decayed
27-12-2001  : A file on his virtues was submitted to the Holy
                    See and the tomb was sealed with red wax in order to keep it out of hands reach.
17-01-2007  : He was recognized Venerable by the Holy See Pope Benedict XVI
17-01-2009  : The Congregation for the causes of the Sts in Rome was held to discuss his beatification
27-06-2010  : He was recognized Blessed in Sts Cyprian and Justine Monastery in Kfifane by the Archbishop
                    Angelo Amato, S.D.B. Prefect of the Congregation for the causes of saints in the Vatican.