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Miracles - Other graces and healings

Sister Clara Abi Habib:
        “I am Sister Clar Abi Habib, daughter of Barbar and Majida Abi Habib. I am a nun at Saint John Monastery in Hrash. I suffered from kidney infection and hyperalbuminemia that might cause a sever body disorder. I followed many treatments and suffered painfully despite drugs. At least ten radiologic tests were made at Hotel Dieu de France Hospital which revealed that kidneys were secreting pus because of infection.
        After I lost hope, I visited with a nun, as well as with my parents, the Monastery of Kfifane where laid the body of Brother Estephan Nehme. I had all faith that if I touched him, I would get healed. Indeed, after touching the body, I was healed at the moment. And since, I could eat all kind of food that was forbidden all over my sickness period. I thank God first and then Brother Estephan who granted me the grace of healing.”

Jeanot Youssef Nehme from Chiyah:
        January 2nd, 1971, Mrs. Mary Nehme appeared in front of us and declared the following: “My son Jeanot, born in 1948, suffered from allergic conjunctivitis that caused him pain and itch. Despite all drugs and medicines, he did not progress. I took him to visit the man of God (Saint) Nehmatalah Hardini. When we reached the convent, we saw a group of the Nehmehs, relatives of Brother Estephan Nehme who was exposed to his family. I said: “Why all these people are here?” And I’ve been told: “Here lays a monk named Estephan. He is a saint. He performs miracles!” We entered the room and I saw his whole body. He was still supple. I said to my ill son: “Get closer son, with all faith and he will heal you.” Then my little son stood up before him and said: “Uncle Brother Estephan, for God sake, you are a saint, please heal me.” He took the supple hand of the monk and put it on his tearful eyes. On our way home, Jeanot cried: “Mom, uncle Estephan healed me.” Indeed, Jeanot was healed completely. I thank almighty God for that grace.”

Nassab Salim Tarraf:
        “I am Georgette, wife of Nakhleh Salim Tarraf, from Hadath. I attest that my daughter, Nassab, 6 year old, suffered from allergic conjunctivitis that caused her pain and ache and she could not sleep at night. Many specialists examined her and all their prescriptions were in vain. Finally, Dr. Samir Slaiby prescribed her an eye drops that I did not even open. I took it straight to the Monastery of Kfifane with all faith to the tomb of Brother Estephan. I swear to God and to my life that when I put on my daughters’ eyes a relic from the tomb, she was healed instantly. This is what I witness in front of God and people. I thank Brother Estephan.”

Aziz Hashash:
        “I am Aziz Hashash from Kettara, 60 year old, mayor of the town. I suffered from eczema in two parts of my body. I endured this disease for three years. When I lost hope and trust in medicine, I made a vow one day, before going to bed, to Brother Estephan who I used to know very well and said: “Brother Estephan, if you were a saint, then heal me.” One night, in December 1966, he appeared in the image of a monk. First I did not recognize him. He took my hand and pressed hard on it. I said bothered: “Leave me monk.” Afterwards, and suddenly, I knew that he was Brother Estephan Nehme himself. When I called him, he left my hand immediately. I woke up and since I was healed. I came with my family to thank him.”

Elias Abi Jawdeh, from Beiteddine:

        “A spot appeared on my right hand and soon disappeared. However, my hand swollen up to the underarm. The veins blew up obviously and I could not articulate my fingers. I rubbed it with many creams but in vain. At last, one doctor advised me to undergo an urgent surgery to get rid of the pus. The preparation to the operation started. One day, my wife stood up suddenly and said: “How come you want to undergo a surgery while we have some blessed oil from Brother Estephan’s tomb? Take some of it and rub your hand and you will get healed.” Then she made the sign of cross on my hand and rubbed my hand with oil. In the morning, I woke up and found my hand safe and sound. It had a little hole where all pus came out. I was healed instantly.”

Father Estephan Farhat:
        “I suffered from spleen infection in 1955 causing a high blood pressure. I went to see many doctors, I mention: Dr. Antoine Hnein who advised me to get the spleen ablated to avoid any bad repercussions. However, I did not trust him for I was suffering from diabetes and hyperalbuminemia this is why I preferred to endure pain. I prayed God to help me. One day, when I was lifting the mattress, I felt that my back was broken as a dry piece of wood, and could not move anymore. I lost 14 kg after three months. In August, I went to visit the tomb of Brother Estephan asking his intercession and Father Youssef Khachan was standing next to me. At night, I felt an unbearable pain. But, in the morning and I found out that it was not swollen anymore. As for my backache, it was still the same. I underwent radiologic test which revealed that I was suffering from arthrosis as well as from a broken vertebra, according to Dr. Emile Riachy. He prescribed me injections and drugs and pain decreased progressively. I thank God who is glorified through His saint Brother Estephan.”

Michel Nahem:
        Mr. Michel Nahem testifies: “In July 1956, a wart appeared in my hand and spread in all of it and later on it increased to more than 100 warts. All creams were in vain. I went to Beirut to see Dr. Tabet who advised me to undergo an electric treatment. When I came back home, my sister asked me to refer to Brother Estephan . I made a vow and told him: “Master Brother Estephan, if you heal me, I will visit you bare foot.” Three days after I made the vow, all the warts disappeared from my hand.”

Janet Saadeh:
        “I am Janet Saadeh. It has been four years that my eye, and sometimes both eyes, tear. Two years ago, I went to Eye and Ear Center and saw Dr. Imad who worked on cleaning the lacrimal ducts and gave me an eye drops for 10 days. However, my eye restarted tearing. When I called the said doctor, he informed me that I needed a surgery and some treatments before it. I was scared to death from the tube that he will insert into my eye. Before undergoing the operation, my brother, Father Pierre Saadeh, told me about Brother Estephan and that he was writing his biography. He said also that the said monk was performing amazing miracles and that his life was very interesting. I said to my brother: “Pray with me. Tonight, I will ask faithfully Brother Estephan to help me.” On the following day, no tears were scrolling. My daughter Rita, insisted to take me to the doctor, but I knew deep inside that the miracle took place. Today, I’m healed and I threw the eye drops. I thank God for he anwered my prayer through the intercession of Brother Estephan.”

Dalal Nassib Samia:
        “I am Dalal Nassib Samia, born in 1957. I have been suffering, for almost twenty years, from a severe pain in my knee and I could barely walk. Therefore, I saw many doctors but in vain. In 2003, while I was in Lebanon, I visited the Monastery of Kfifane and I was feeling an unbearable pain. I knelt on the ground before the grotto of Brother Estephan and asked him passionately to heal me. Later on, I could walk painlessly. Let God be glorified for he answered my prayer through the intercession of Brother Estephan.

Dory Eid from Beiteddine:

        “I, the undersigned Mary Eid, attest that my son Dory suffered from a spot in his foot. We visited the tomb of Brother Estephan Nehme and got his benediction. The first Saturday of May, I rubbed his foot with the relics and before going to see the doctor on Monday, his foot was healed on the following day without any surgery.”