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Miracles - Introduction
        The miCopyright Imageracle is an amazing and unique event. It is a privileged power given by God to saints in response to their imploration. Thus, He turns their relics into salvation sources embracing us with His graces. 

        All the miracles performed by Brother Estephan were but in the name of Christ. Many miracles and wonders were attributed to his intercession. But the Church did not lead an enquiry to authenticate all of them for, usually, one miracle is enough to rely on in order to recognize a venerable, as Blessed or Saint. When the Lebanese Maronite Order submitted, in 2001, the process of Brother Estephan to the Congregation for the causes of saints in Rome, in order to get it studied, it presented as well the report that confirms the miracle of the healing of his niece, Sister Marina Nehme, attributed to him.

        Among the graces mentioned hereinafter, many testimonies were proven by witnesses who validated those events with all faith, simplicity and honesty.