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Visitor's directory - The spiritual visit
The house of Brother Estephan
Photo Gallery
       Copyright Image Youssef Nehmeh (Brother Estephan himself) was born on March 8th, 1889, in one of the simple houses in the village of Lehfed where he lived with his brothers Nehmatalah, Sarkis and Haykal and his sisters Toufika and Frosina. He grew up in his parental house embraced by the care of his father and mother. Estephan remained in his parental house until 1905. For after his father’s death, he left the house and accepted the vocation in order to follow Christ.
This house is divided into two parts:
- The first one is a chapel for daily mass, meditation and prayer
- The second one exposes pictures that summarize his life starting from Lehfed and ending in kfifane..
Museum of Brother Estephan
Photo Gallery
     It is originally his brother Sarkis’s house which he whittled the wood into sewindows and doors. Copyright Image
This museum is divided into a small and a spacious room, as well as an alley that ends with a large hall.
The small room contains old furniture (a box, two seats and a rug) that reveal the simple and modest way of living back in those days.
In the big room, pieces of wood executed by B. Estephan are exposed: boxes, tables, carpentry and field tools, a sewing machine holder…
When reaching the spacious hall, visitors can take a look at the life of the said Brother summarized by photos, meditations and prayers.
The old bament was turned into a small church for meditation and prayer.