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The Fountain of Badger
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        One day, Copyright Imagewhile Youssef (Brother Estephan) was working in the field, he saw a wild animal called the badger running fast near the field where he was working and it entered a grotto where no one has ever got in before. Youssef got closer slowly, he bent and looked inside but he noticed that it was very hard to get in for the hole was narrow. Then, he laid on his belly and crawled inside. He felt that the ground was wet. He said to himself: “Undoubtedly, there is a source here.” He dug the ground, lifted the rocks and water flowed out heavily. Youssef shouted: “This is the fountain of Badger!” Soon, the news spread and the joy embraced the sons of Lehfed.
        His brother Nehmatalah testifies: “It is Brother Estephan who made this source, known as the Badger spout out of this rock. In 1903, he saw this animal getting in there and he followed it until he caught it and took it out. Then, he felt that there was water. He worked on making it spout out. Since, we enjoy this fountain and we live in paradise due to our dear brother.”




The land of Brother Estephan
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      When reaching the land of Brother Estephan, the visitor finds himself in an oasis of blessinCopyright Imagegs and life. While walking, he meditates the beauties of the Almighty and the goods and magic of nature.
On his way, the spiritual halts incite him to keep silence and to meditate, emptying thus himself from all life’s worries and days’ noise and filling his soul with the presence of God through the reigning spirit of Brother Estephan who loved nature devoting thus to it his tiredness and exhaustion.
Photo Gallery

     Copyright Image  Near the house of the Blessed in Lehfed, there is a library providing visitors with souvenirs such as pictures of the Blessed as well as of other saints, wooden pieces, rosaries, argil and resin jars aimed especially at taking a blessing from the Fountain of Ghreir that Brother Estephan dug before he entered the convent.


The celebrations square
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Copyright Image         In front of the parental house there is a spacious yard reserved to religious celebrations related to Brother Estephan. The first mass in this yard was celebrated on the rock altar, on August 30, 2009 on the occasion of Brother Estephan death commemoration. This date was adopted by the Church to celebrate his feast.